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Jeremie was devastated. Eighty percent of the citys buildings have been damaged or destroyed. Jeff Jeanty had nowhere to go when the storm hit. The first house, the roof was lift. I called them, come in here, come in here. Then they come in, Jeanty said. Celise Alize and her three children survived after the roof of their house collapsed in the 145 mph winds. Celise Alize and two of her children CBS News She didnt have much before the storm. Now, she has even less. Breadfruit is all they have to eat right now. Power is still out, water and food are scare. Many roads are still impassable and the grim task of counting the dead has only begun. The U.S.

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She's an assistant professor of developmental behavioral pediatrics at the University of Michigan Medical School. Her comments stem from her team's study involving interviews with 35 parents and caregivers of young children in the Boston area. "This tension, this stress, of trying to balance newly emerging technologies with the established patterns and rituals of our lives is extremely common, and was expressed by almost all of our participants," Radesky said. "We have to toggle between what might be stress-inducing or highly cognitively demanding mobile content and responding to our kids' behavior," she said. The result, said Radesky, is often a rise in parent-child tension and overall stress. Modern parents and caregivers interact with tablets, smartphones and other communication devices for about three hours a day, the study authors said in background notes. Radesky's team previously found that when parents used mobile devices during meals they interacted less with their children, and became stressed when children tried to grab their attention away from the device. The new study included 22 mothers, nine fathers and four grandmothers. Participants were between 23 and 55 years old (average age 36) and cared for toddlers or young children up to age 8.

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