Basic Guidelines On Straightforward Solutions In Evening Gowns

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Japanese fashion brand releases jackets tailored specifically for women with large breasts Seeks to solve a big problem unique to big-chested women in Japan. Roughly a year ago, a Japanese crowdfunding campaign to produce and sell dress shirts for large-breasted women flew right past its fundraising goals. However, Japan is a rather dressy society, and many occasions that require a dress shirt also dictate wearing a jacket. So now it’s another fashion label’s turn to introduce a line of jackets tailored specifically to busty body types. That’s the goal of Over E, which designs apparel for women with E-cup or larger breasts, a rather specialized niche in Japan . One ชุดจั๊มสูทขาสั้น ออกงาน specific problem that Over E wanted to address was what happens when bowing, a common occurrence in Japanese society, especially in business or other formal environments. With an ill-fitting jacket, a busty woman faces the risk of her breasts spilling out when she bends forward at the hips. ▼ On ordinary jacket (left) vs. an Over E jacket (right) To address this, Over E’s designers added a discrete hook to the inner surface of the lapels above its jackets’ single button, which helps secure the breasts in place. At the same time, the jacket is cut so that it has extra room in the chest, but still provides a slimming, tidy silhouette at the waist. Over E’s jackets are available in gray or black, and in cup sizes ranging from E to I.

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