Methods For Shoes For 2015

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He added that the public and his party cannot "continue to countenance" how the DUP conduct business at Stormont. Mr Adams made the remarks in his weekly column for the Andersontown News. On Wednesday, Mrs Foster restated that she would not stand down. She also said that some calls for her to do so were "misogynistic" . Speaking on Sky News, Mrs Foster also accused Sinn Fein of being on a "party political mission" to get her to stand aside in order to weaken unionism. The RHI scheme was set up by Mrs Foster in 2012 when she was minister for enterprise, trade and investment. It was an attempt by the Northern Ireland Executive to help to increase consumption of heat from renewable sources. The DUP has said the assembly may be recalled next week to approve emergency legislation to deal with the overspend. In his column, Mr Adams repeated previous calls from Sinn Fein for the first minister to step aside to "facilitate an independent, time-framed, robust and transparent investigation". He accused the DUP of weakening "public confidence in the institutions" before the RHI controversy and that their actions since have "significantly deepened a crisis that already existed".

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