Nearly 72% Of Children In Connecticut Are Raised In Households With Incomes At Least Double The Poverty Rate, Well Above The 57% Share Of Children Nationwide.

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Early childhood education can be crucial for social, emotional, and cognitive development. With 63.9% of three- and four-year olds enrolled in preschool, Connecticut is leading all states in an important measure for children's chances for success. ALSO READ: The Next 14 States to Legalize seo services details Marijuana While it is no guarantee of achievement, children who grow up in an economically secure household are more likely to find academic success. Nearly 72% of children in Connecticut are raised in households with incomes at least double the poverty rate, well above the 57% share of children nationwide. 7. Wyoming > Per pupil spending: $17,490 (4th highest) > High school graduation rate: 79.3% (14th lowest) > Pct. 3 & 4 yr. olds enrolled in preschool: 40.3% (12th lowest) Wyoming is the only state west of the Mississippi River to have one of the best-rated education systems. While student achievement is just average in Wyoming, the states school system is one of the best-financed in the country. The state allocates 4.1% of its taxable resources to education spending, a larger share than all but five other states.

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