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BTS in Times Square, New York. #4YearsWithBTS #방탄소년단

New York Times: Bill de Blasio's 'sanctimony [erodes] his credibility' Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Email this article Share on LinkedIn De Blasio's hypocrisy is so glaring, even a New York Times columnist tore into him for it this week. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer) New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is catching heat for asking constituents to be more environmentally conscious while refusing to make changes to his own routine. De Blasio's hypocrisy is so glaring, even a New York Times columnist tore into him for it this week. "Mr. de Blasio," Ginia Bellafante wrote, "seems to have little understanding of how his self-contradictions and sanctimony erode his authority." "When he tells us to stop using plastic grocery bags but doesn't examine his own behavior," she continued, "just for a second my inclination is to throw away my cloth carryalls, go to Key Food and ask that everything I buy be individually wrapped, preferably in double layers of polymer." Earlier this month, the Times described an exchange de Blasio shared with a caller on the Brian Lehrer radio program: "How about you stepping up your game, leading by example, getting out of your S.U.V. armada, and if you need to go to the Park Slope Y five days a week rather than a gym near you, why don't you take mass transit or even once in a while ride a bike like the vast majority of your fellow New Yorkers, so you will know how we are suffering under a transit system?" Charles asked. "Charles, I understand the emotional appeal of what you're saying, but I'm just not going to take the bait, my friend," the mayor responded. "I'm going to keep going to the gym, I'm proud to say we have a hybrid and it's a good car, it's very fuel efficient." Just minutes earlier the mayor said this: "Everyone in their own life has to change their own เดลินิว habits to start protecting the earth." That's hypocrisy so obvious and so shameless, even the New York Times can see it. Emily Jashinsky is a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner.

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