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Margaret Thatcher and John Major in 1991 She compared the position to Winston Churchill's decision as chancellor in 1925 to fix the parity of the pound at a high level. This led to deflation, mass unemployment and the General Strike. "Mrs Thatcher said conditions on the economy were very tough indeed," the official minute of the meeting said. "She believed that there was a danger of repeating Winston Churchill's historic error." Mr Major retorted that the situation in 1991 "was not remotely comparable". Image copyright Crown Copyright courtesy of the National Archives Image caption The government files have been released by the National Archives But in September 1992, his government unsuccessfully prevented a devaluation of the pound and the currency was forced out of the European Exchange Rate mechanism (ERM) - a system for tying the pound and other currencies' values to that of the German mark. It was a day that famously became known as Black Wednesday and was one of the low points of the premiership of Mr Major, who had been re-elected the previous April. Image caption John Major rushed out news that the Queen had agreed to pay income tax, in an attempt to deflect media criticism in 1992, the files reveal In the 1991 meeting, Mrs Thatcher made her views clear on Mr Major's decision to scrap the poll tax (officially known as the community charge), a policy that had triggered civil disobedience and riots, as well as a rebellion in the Conservative Party. "Local authorities would draw the conclusion that it was such a bad tax they could put it up as much as they liked and blame the government," she said. The National Archives in Kew, London, holds more than 11 million official documents, which are often opened as public records after 30 years. The government is reducing this timeframe to 20 years.

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