Top Insights For 2015 On Elegant Bedshee Systems

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Ifzal Zaffar, who is of Pakistani descent, duly climbed up too and addressed him in their shared language. The man agreed to come down, and was taken to hospital. Constable Zaffer, who also speaks fluent Cantonese, said he was simply following his training. "I used the techniques we learned at the academy I think he felt safer knowing that I could talk to him in his own language," he told Apple Daily. The young man joined the force just under a year ago, and is said to be the only officer of Pakistani origin in the district. He arrived via a Hong Kong police scheme to recruit non-Chinese officers, called Operation Gemstone. You might also be interested in: Constable Zaffer's handling of the delicate situation won him praise from superiors - and a social media fanclub. "He is very handsome yet having a golden heart," gushed Facebook user Nuna Priya. "Mr IFZAL ZAFFAR, many citizen support you, pls keep on serving the society. Thanks!!!" wrote Baba Bebe Wong.

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